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Enix Networks, LLC. is a full service Microsoft solutions provider located in St. Pete Beach, Florida. While the Tampa Bay region is our home base, our list of satisfied customers stretches from Seattle to Miami. We work with hotels, lawyers, doctors, accountants, property management firms, and grocery stores. From a one person home office to a 100 person sales floor, Enix will help you keep it all running.

Why Choose Enix?

Our services are designed for small businesses who don't want to incur the typical overhead a full-time IT department creates. Consider the following: According to salary.com, the average base pay for a full-time IT manager working in Tampa is is $101,107! Avoid the high overhead of a full-time IT staff by utilizing our managed IT solutions. Enix Networks provides an effective way for you to manage your IT needs and reduce costs.

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For more information on how Enix Networks can help your small business, please contact our office.

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